Thursday, April 19, 2012

30. Never ignore the person that love you !

Dear Blog,
TODAY i met a BOY..
HE stole my heart
and NEVER give it back

"Love is not about doing something but about believing someone. "
I figured out why there are hearts broken on earth, 
it's because when someone likes someone else, 
the someone else doesn't like someone back. 
And then finally when someone else likes someone, 
someone has turned his back and gone for another someone else! 

NEVER ignore the person that LOVES YOU! 
because you don't get anything by loving someone else, 
but receiving love is one of th greatest things on earth. 
Never ignore or make fun of the person that loves you...
Because you will make yourself not worth loving, and not worth living for.

11.01.2010 :)

tumblr has been updated ! ;D

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